Dos Panel

Dos Panel

DosPanel is a Windows front-end for DOSBox (a DOS emulator)
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  • Where configuration file is located?
    The default path for configuration files is the following one: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local When you first start the application, you will have the possibility to configure the paths. You need to use that to see where have you configured the settings files. It should look like this:To access the Settings again, start the application, then go to Global > Settings.


DosPanel is a Windows front-end for DOSBox, which is an emulator to run DOS applications. This combination lets you run most of the classic DOS games. It has a simple interface where you can add shortcut icons for DOS programs; each application can have its individual settings. You can add any directory on the host system as the hard drive and any host DVD/CD drive or ISO image as CD drive.

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